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Network Power/Texas is a 501(c)(3) support group for women, founded in 1980, whose purpose is to promote equity and self-sufficiency for women through educational programs, activities and services. It is funded through a $25 membership fee, grants and personal donations.  

The organization provides three main sources of services to women:

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Simply click on the link below and you can easily donate to Network Power/Texas along with other deserving San Antonio non-profits.

We are currently raising funds for our 2015 scholarships.  Join us in helping women to obtain an education and impact their families for generations.

Scholarship Winners

For over 35 years Network Power/Texas has provided scholarships to women. Their stories have touched our hearts and motivate us to continue this mission, year after year.

Abused Mother to Director of a Non-Profit
One of our early scholarship winners was an abused woman, whose husband also abused her children. Desperate to flee her situation, she knew that she needed help and applied for a Network Power/Texas scholarship.  With these funds, she was able to purchase a typewriter, which was essential to her earning extra money to feed her family and to pursue an education.  She was able to find employment in a non-profit agency, worked her way up through the ranks and, after many years, retired from that agency as the Director.

Raising Her Sister
One of our most recent scholarship winners was pursuing her degree in the Alamo Colleges when both her parents died within two weeks of each other.  Only a few  years out of high school, she was left to raise her 10 year old sister alone, while still grieving her parents.  She worked two jobs, parents her sister and attends school full time and is committed to provide a good life for her family.  We have no doubt this young lady will also a women with great success.