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Seven scholarships are presented annually to qualified women pursuing education with the Alamo Community College District. One scholarship for each of the five Alamo Colleges and two special scholarships in honor of past Network Power/Texas Board Members, Carla Buchanan and Bonnie Terry. Scholarship recipients are chosen based on personal and financial need, goals and overall educational pursuits. The funds may be used for tuition, books or college related expenses.

The purpose of these scholarships are to free women from the bonds that lack of education produces and assist them in achieving their highest goals. Scholarship recipients have accomplished such things as business ownership, doctorate degrees and organizational leadership.  

Applications can be made through each College’s Financial Aid Office. Applications will be forwarded to Network Power/Texas by the Financial Aid Office after November 1st of each year.

Celebrating the Life of Carla Buchanan

Carla Buchanan was a force of nature in the music business, in her fight against cancer and in women's issues. She was a Network Power/Texas board member and worked tirelessly to help women gain self sufficiency. 

When Carla lost her long battle with breast cancer, Network Power/Texas established the Carla Buchanan scholarship fund in her honor. 

This scholarship is presented annually through San Antonio College to a female student who is seeking to move her life forward through education.  Interested students may contact the SAC Empowerment Center.

Celebrating the Life of Bonnie Terry

Long time Network Power/Texas board member Bonnie Terry lost her battle with cancer on January 27, 2006. Bonnie was a dynamic community supporter, active in numerous benevolent and political causes that reached beyond the borders of Texas. Bonnie worked tirelessly during her life for those less fortunate, from the homeless to those who were devastated by Texas floods. Bonnie’s heartfelt work and loving soul will continue to resound in our lives and community.

In honor of the life and contributions of Bonnie Terry, Network Power/Texas will award an annual scholarship to a deserving woman enrolled in St. Phillips College at the annual Women Empowered conference.  

Bonnie Terry believed in education and supported the scholarships awarded by Network Power/Texas. The board hopes that each recipient of the Bonnie Terry Scholarship will use their education to be self sufficient, inspire others and support the success of other women.

Every year Network Power/Texas 
gives a scholarship in memory of two board members who died way too soon 
of breast cancer. 

The Carla Buchanan Scholarship was given this year to Jamie Wylie at the 
San Antonio College, WE Conference (Women Empowered) in May.
While we mourn the loss of our dear sister, Bonnie, we celebrate the inspiring life she lived. 

NP/TX is pleased 
to announce the Bonnie Terry Scholarship.
Carla Buchanan 
was known for her zest for life and her enthusiastic support of women.  

NP/TX hopes that
recipients of this scholarship will passionately 
succeed in being 
all they can be.